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365 Photos Challenge-Day15

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According to James Beard: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” He was an American cook – a cookbook author, teacher and TV personality. Of course, to whom else quotations about food will come from but from the cooks themselves. Certainly, they know what they are talking about.

I joined Virily 15 days ago starting out with my first entry in the photo challenge. So, this one will complete my backlog and brings my total to 15 entries for 15 days. Good.

I almost run out of ideas what to have for my Day-15…when, voila, my cousin, Rose a.k.a. the Goddess Of Our Kitchen, sent me up (because I am in my workroom where I am supposed to be working but I am only writing and writing is not work because it does not earn me money lol) a bowl of Arroz Caldo! Isn’t she a lovely, most caring lady? Unintentionally, she filled up my brain and my tummy – shooting two birds with one stone by sending me up this comfort food.

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At the time of this writing, Typhoon Hagupit was making its slow, merry way through the province which brought us rains and cloudy, dark skies since Thursday. Arroz Caldo is one of those comfort foods that Filipinos love to cook (those who know how to cook – cook, of course; those who don’t – like me – just eat) during cold weather.

It is a Filipino-style congee that is especially good if one is feeling a bit under. It is made of sticky rice and chicken cooked in garlic and onions and infused with ginger and calamondin. Rose, who is the better cook when it comes to Filipino recipes (my sister does the “international” menu lol) usually topped it with a lot of fried garlic, chili, spring onion, calamondin (to balance the taste) and boiled egg. Today, however, her version is topped with healthy (tongue-in-cheek) crumbled crispy pork skin. We eat healthy, yes. And pork skin, the last time I checked, was one of the healthiest items that one could eat if he/she is in a hurry to go to grave.

If you care to know, my cousin is a licensed pharmacist and a good entrepreneur. Maybe that is the reason she cooks well. Who knows? Perhaps, she puts a dash of antibiotics or anti-histamine (worst, laxative) in her cooking. Lol. My sister, on the other hand, completed a course in culinary (aside from her engineering degree). Both of them cook scrumpdillyicious food that we do not need to eat out to taste good food.

350 photos more to go but now, I am totally updated.

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    • Sending up food for me is an easier task. When we were still living in Manila, my cousin and sister used to go to the condo I was renting to cook my food for 1 week (coz I can’t cook) and buy for me my groceries (coz I’m no good in shopping groceries either). I am LUCKY and so I really believe that God provides what one needs hahaha

    • Oh but it also tastes wonderful! For many Filipinos, it reminds them of their mothers taking care of them when they are sick. Moms cook congee and let kids eat it when they are sick. I did not like the congee when I was a kid though. Hahaha but I like my mom pampering me though

    • Awww, yes, I am indeed. Everytime I count my blessings, I count them all. Lol! She would actually make a great mom but trouble is she is like me hahahaha. Both of us have that same tendency to weigh the positive and negative side of it – and the positive is always winning. Lol!

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