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365 Photos Challenge-Day13

Roald Dahl, as you may all know, was a British novelist cum short-story writer cum poet cum screenwriter and a fighter pilot (Royal Air Force). I do not know much about him except that he authored Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The Witches.

Writing, for me, is a passion that brings me sense of happiness and peace – a world outside my world. It does not earn me anything I can call money (well, you all know how difficult it is to earn Virils that to call it as earning would be a joke). Yet, I pour my heart and soul into it like it is a companion. I basically write for myself, that is the truth. Perhaps that is the same reason why the statistics and insights in my website do not bother me at all. I heard people who worry about the traffic and the interaction in their pages – people who set goals for their blogging and writing – people who have schedules and discipline they follow. I admire them for their vision and attitude. I have none of those. I only write – mostly, in random fashion – not knowing where my story or poem will end once I started penning my thoughts.

I am a fool to devote so much time in writing. If I give half of that to our small business I am sure it will get me better results earning-wise. The trouble with me, according to my cousin Rose, is that I only work very hard when I see challenge in anything. Once I already “solve” the puzzle or difficulty, I get lazy. I smiled at her accurate observation (well, heck, I arrogantly thought it was only me who knew that secret fact about myself). She knew that when the business was still new, I work there day and night, night and day. But now, I only work according to my terms. It is affecting our group travel plans but I am just glad and lucky that despite that, the girls accept me as I am. They are not happy that I am failing to put up my own travel fund, nonetheless, they would not kill me nor nag me about that.

My newfound spirituality changes my outlook and priorities, they know – but they do not complain and adjust the group travel destination according to my financial capability. Bless their souls for that!

Now, my Day-12 entry is a photo of a journal which Rose bought in Krabi, Thailand. She gifted me this before our travel to Australia. I was about to start blogging then and she thought this one will be of use. Unfortunately, I am not the conventional type of writer who uses journals or write down prompt-reminders. I store everything in my head and pour it when I am ready to write.

Soooo, this lovely thing has only few written words on it – mainly Sanskrit terminologies I cannot memorize. But I loooove sticky notes for their convenience.

I am trying to catch up with my backlog in the challenge seeing how fast covers his part of the bargain. He was my nominee and he is already ahead of me. Lol! I admire the guy’s dedication in making it a truly 365-experience – and his photos are stunning (he is using a real camera and he goes out of his way to find interesting subjects on a day-to-day basis). Doc Andersen is right – real camera still does the real job.

Oh well, just join the challenge if you have time. Read the guidelines here

Be happy. Be enLightened. Do not take life too seriously as when we die, we will realize it is nothing but a monotonous cycle of birthing (coming) and dying (going). The only serious business we have here is to grow on love and be love – and you cannot do either with too much seriousness.


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    • A book?! Might be you are referring to HL. Lol! I am only a pixie and pixies don’t plan. We cross the bridge once we get there. I like living the life on a day-to-day basis…and maybe soon, on a moment-to-moment basis once I get the discipline. But I agree, writing is MORE than fun – it is life outside life.

    • Your comment made me laugh. To starve for the sake of love is nothing hahaha. Oh, my weight does not show it anyway hahahaha. That is a joke around chubby peeps. We always said that the extra flabs make it looks like our tummies are always full. Lol!


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