Pay Rates for Freelance Writers

I’ve been searching around for writing work lately. In doing so I’ve noticed a trend: Nobody wants to pay more than a penny per word. This has me wondering…

Am I looking in the wrong place? I really don’t think so because I scour a variety of boards and sites.

Aren’t people willing to pay more for a good writer? Unfortunately, I’m starting to believe this is true.

Where can I make more of a “living” wage? I don’t need a lot but I do need more than a penny per word. I’m not sure this is even possible though.

What are you experiencing out there as a writer? Are you making a good amount of money? Or simply only able to command a penny per word? Any advice?


What do you think?

Written by Brenda Marie H


  1. This is a great question .. I believe that since there are so many bloggers / writers the price has desecrated a lot. However there are always the right people / businesses to pay reasonable money for articles, blog posts, especially when it comes to specialized topics.
    There are some freelancing websites that a blogger can join (upwork, freelancer, fiverr) but it takes a great amount of time to become famous and to reach your goal.

    I wish you the best of luck and I am looking forward to read more responses in this subject from the fellow Virilyans!

  2. I suppose the answer is that this is a world where only a tiny number of people make anything at all. It’s a case of supply and demand – if people are willing to take a penny a word, that is what the market will pay. Mind you, if by a penny you mean an American cent, getting $10 for 1,000 words – $100 for 10,000 words – that strikes as being not too bad. If you write full-time, then 10,000 words in a day is perfectly possible.

    • Thank you for “spelling it out” for me. I guess the law of supply and demand makes it this way but when I look at how much money that actually is… it’s not so bad.