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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 67

Today’s picture comes from Baltimore Maryland. It is the image of a tie off or stanchion. These are used by boats to tie off next to a dock or pier. The larger ones such as the ones you see here are used for larger ships. Although now, with the human walkways added in the inner harbor area, larger boats can no longer get down the river/canal where we were walking. They couldn’t get under the gerbil trails.

Now they can be used by smaller boats, but I am not sure, looking at the water that you would want to roll your boat up into something like that river/canal. It had that delightful odor of water that sits without moving.That horrible rotting smell that well, just doesn’t present the best factory image. While fiberglass (primary material used for most pleasure boat hulls) doesn’t hold odors, wood does.

One of those beautiful older or new wood boats would smell to high whatever, after sitting on that water.

Yes, by the way, the sky was that gray on Sunday.

Anyone can participate in the photo challenge. The rules are all over Virily! Post, share, enjoy the pictures shared by many Virily Members!!!!


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Written by DocAndersen

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