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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 30 The Raptors of Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Today I went to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center and got even more than I bargained for. I have been there several times and I was afraid I would end up with the same images I have photographed before but the amazing things is they just keep showing something more.

The personalities and the light is always so unique and It surprises me the intricacies in shooting portraits of these birds. The staff at the center are people with a passion for raptors and nature in general.

They explain each birds’ story as well as giving great details on each bird. I was impressed with the young children who knew more about birds than many adults I have talked to.

They bring the birds around for a personal meet and greet and their kindness and professionalism in saving these amazing predators and giving ¬†them a voice as animal ambassadors is quite inspiring. The Barn Owl had particularly a lot to say, they don’t hoot, they hiss and screetch.

After the bird show, we went on a hike in the trails that surround the center. The center rests on the shores of lake Lavon and it is surrounded by a remnant of the great Blackland Prairie. We walked through trails of little blue stem grasses and partridge pea and the naturalists there explained how they are protecting and preserving the blackland prairie.

If you get a chance to go on the first Saturday of the month, I would highly recommend it. It is an amazing place for young and old. Every time I go I learn something more about the birds and the great backland prairie.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

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