365 Day Photo Challenge Day 202 (Tell me what Treebeard saw!)

What Treebeard saw yesterday. I had a couple of conference calls to end the day yesterday. I was using Keeckers projector to view part of the web meeting; it is a lot easier to see spreadsheets on large screens. As I was getting ready for the meeting, I decided to use the camera and got the picture you see. That, to the left, large blur is Serenity. She was rolling past to the kitchen, as someone was making food in the kitchen. Serenity is part lab, so the need for food is great in her. She like the other two, frequent the kitchen during cooking time, to notify any humans there that in fact, the dogs are starving. The FOV (Field of view) for the camera on Treebeard is pretty good. The quality is pretty good as well.

The cool thing is it is automatically moved to your phone or tablet memory!

Anyone can join the photo challenge! Just take a picture, post and share!!!!!


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Written by DocAndersen

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