365 Day photo challenge Day 184 (Treebeard has a home)!

Keecker finds a home. There was once a lost and lonely multi-media egg, that struggled. First, it struggled placed near an outlet that had an on and off switch. The kind of outlet designed for floor lamps, so you can turn them on like overhead lights. Keecker didn’t do as well there, unable to change when the power was off and a lonely corner of the main level of the house. So Keecker moved, first to the kitchen but that was a no-go. Keecker would be underfoot, tripped over and kicked. Then like a flash of lightening Keekcer found his home. Treebeard (our Keecker’s name) is now happily sitting under the TV in the living room. He likes the tile and can roll freely. He can be called and interact with people more easily, and there is a nice bit of free and open wall he can project too!

Welcome home Keecker! Oops, make that Treebeard. My daughter and I started a literary naming reference thing a few years ago. Her’s was more complex than mine (my dog is named after the poet Dylan Thomas, the twins dog is named for Poe’s immortal poem The Raven).

Anyone can join the photo challenge! Just point, capture and share!!!!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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