365 Day photo challenge Day 177 the Princess and the Pea L-)

We bought a dog bed about three years ago. We went to the local pet store with Dylan, and he picked the bed out. It was going to be on the master bedroom floor, so he had a place to sleep, but that was soon not required. Dylan has taken over the center of the master bed, as his place to sleep. I moved the first bed downstairs for Dylan. Fran slept in my daughter’s bedroom, so there wasn’t a need for two beds. When Raven arrived, there was not only a need for two beds but also to move them by the fireplace. Raven loves, more than anything to bake in the winter and then move away from the fire. She alternates near the fire and sitting on the couch with the humans.

This is a picture from this morning of Raven on the one dog bed. We have them side by side in front of the fireplace. When a fire is going, you have to be the first dog there, or you don’t get a bed.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Take a picture (less than seven days old) and, well share!

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  1. How funny. Animals do have a way of taking over our lives. But that is what they are for. And such loyal companionship maybe can be bought. Nice beds, best place by the fire, and those wagging tails to greet us non-judgmentally every day. Thanks for the smiles.

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