365 Day Photo Challenge Day 132

Last picture this week from Sunday of last week, but only because it is my wife and daughters favorite restaurant in Annapolis Maryland. I do not often mention names. It is a rule of mine which I bend on occasion. Grump’s café is the name of the restaurant. It is just around the corner from the marina and right next to the West Marine shop. The restaurant has an interesting theme, and the servers all wear pajamas. They have fun signs all over the ways (mama don’t work here clean up your mess!). Plus they have the best milkshakes. We try to stop by several times a year for lunch or breakfast. I prefer their lunch menu, but on Easter Sunday we decided we would try their breakfast menu. I still like the lunch menu, but breakfast was good!

The other fun thing about Grump’s is your table marker. You get one to notify the wait staff which table is yours. You walk in, get menus, and walk up to the register. You order, pay, and then find the table. The person that gave you the menus also tells you your number. You find the interesting creature with your number, that is your table. Some strange things on the table I have to say!

Grumps is a Maryland Resturant; they have an Old Bay shaker at the table.

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Written by DocAndersen

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