365 Day Photo Challenge – Day 13 – Conversation

This photograph was taken at the 2017 Taylor Family Reunion. There is a lot of conversation happening here, as there always is with the Taylor family, and a lot of love, too! Although these are not my blood relatives, they have been my family since 1996 and shall remain <3 The fellow in the biker t-shirt, shades,  and the orange do-rag is my ex, and the father of my three youngest children.

This photograph is a great expression of an Eastern Shore family and hints at our culture. I see you, Tee Time 😉 <3

If you would like to join us for this photo challenge, check out this link to find the rules. I look forward to seeing your photographs! ? Have a very blessed evening!

Love & Light,

Windy Grace <3

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Written by Windy Grace

Windy Grace Mason is a freelance writer and photographer from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. Her favorite topics are world culture and religions, alternative lifestyles and medicine, the arts, psychology, philosophy, morals, social etiquette and local history. Windy Grace was first published at 14 years of age and also enjoys writing poetry and musical lyrics.


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  1. It is said that we have 2 families — the one given to us by life and the one we have chosen for ourselves — the family I referred too more often than not are my 2 cousins and sister I live with — they are the home I miss when I am not at home ?

    • I wholeheartedly agree, Pixie <3 My family is my guy bestie, my children, my grandchildren, and the amazing people I clean for on the side. While I have a huge family that I was actually born into, I don't really fit and they don't understand much about me at all. To them, I am a riddle that cannot be solved 😉

    • I agree, Carol. My family probably hasn’t had a reunion in about two decades now. I’m thankful to have a great surrogate family to spend special time with <3 At 5'1", I'm very proud to have a 7'1" "little" boy to call me Aunt Windy lol It definitely throws people off in public 😀 I've learned the hard way that family is what you make it. It's not ruled by blood these days. Always a pleasure to see you <3 Wishing you an amazing day!

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