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365 Day Photo Challenge – Day 3 – Soft

Rose oil is an amazing skin softener and anti-aging serum. A few drops in your bath water is calming, encourages self-love restoring self-confidance and nurtures the skin at the same time. Also, the scent is a natural attractant/aphrodisiac and would be an EXCELLENT Valentine’s Day gift for that special lady in your life 🙂

I blend my own Sacred Love (Rose Oil) and it is available online.


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        • It is always best to mix them with a little carrier oil before applying them to the body. However, the Rose Oil is safe as it is. Also, many people use it in their oil burners for aromatherapy as well 🙂 The Rose Oil used in a burner calms everyone around and puts them in a peaceful, loving mood. I use it often, for everything 🙂 And, you can also mix a few drops in a bucket of cleaning/mop water to add the intention of the particular oil to your home or office.

  1. The Rose oils that are produced by Windy Grace are incredible. I’m lucky to behold her process, and the rendered oils are amazing. I never knew about rose oil, or that it kept so well. The scent smells like the finest fresh rose buds, and will bring a summer mindset on a cold winters day. They can be purchased on the “E” site. Guys this is a valentines day must…hint, hint!!

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