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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 105

First of all, my post today was greatly influenced by another writer here on Virily. A huge shout out, and thank you to Albert Herdianto Widjojo.

Why would a model London tour bus cause me to reflect? To ponder the beginning and the reason why? First off, based on Albert’s last couple of posts I find myself reflecting and considering. The tour bus, a London England bus was carried from London to the US by my grandfather. My mom and dad took my grandfather on a trip to England 6 months or so after my grandmother passed away. When next I saw my grandfather he gave me the bus as a gift.

It was something he often did for and with me. We would, upon arriving in the same place and time, start off with a walk. On that walk, we would talk about the world around us, life and dreams. Grandpa was a grand man! He survived the great depression. He was one of the people running towards the great Napierville Train Wreck of 1946. But he was someone I could talk to, someone who listened to me at a time I understand anything about the world around me.

So the tour bus is in my office. It sits just past the LaFrance replica Fire Truck and things my father left me.

It is a moment from the past. One that I think about from time to time such as today. Thank you, Albert, for the guidance and opening the door to your posts!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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