365 Day Photo Challenge Day 100

Day 100. The agony of defeat. The thumb free picture streak is over at 99.

It is with the sad news that I acknowledge my 99-day streak of no thumb pictures ended today. ☹ If I had a press secretary, I would have them hold a news conference to announce the failure of the streak. A streak is notable only in that it lasted 99 days. Today, the 100th day of the photo challenge ends that streak. I shall begin the quest for thumb free pictures anew. I do however acknowledge my failure and will spend time pondering the deserved loss of my thumb free streak.

Sad isn’t it?

The obsession with perfection, with removing thumbs from pictures drove me for 99 days. Until today when upon realizing the thumb was there, I took a picture of the thumb. I am not proud of my moment. I do not, standing upon the mountaintop and proclaim to the world that I have ended my streak.

I do wonder, however, if others end up with as many thumb pictures as I.

Anyone can join the photo challenge – simply post pictures that are less than 7 days old and a brief description. Come on in the water is fine!

Plus, hopefully after today no more thumb pictures (although the thumb has a mind of its own, this may not be its only appearance!)


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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