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Hello, my Virily friends!

Team building is one of the activities being conducted in any office to promote relationship and productivity of the employees. In the past, I used to facilitate such activities on different occasions. Though I don’t want to compare, I can say that our current activity didn’t achieve the purpose. It was probably because people who were in charge of the activity were not knowledgeable enough in handling such an event. I have done what I can do to help but I know that it was not enough.

My task was to post the activity and find the most suitable place based on regulations set forth by law. Being a Bid and Awards Secretariat, I know my roles and duties. I thought I was done with my task so I can relax on a Sunday which is the day of rest and supposedly a day to be given to myself and my family.

While attending the Holy mass, I received a message asking if I already had a tarp for the event. Wondering why I was messaged with such question, I replied politely that I don’t do the preparation of such. I know that the office has a group of employees who are preparing those things and they already have a contact where they could send the design and everything will be prepared. But the next message came unexpected, “Prepare a simple tarp and we’ll have it printed tomorrow.”

So, on Sunday evening instead of working on my online sites, I was obliged to prepare a tarpaulin design. Thanks to Canva! We have it printed in the morning and we go to the venue which is less than an hour ride from our home. I didn’t know there were other concerns related to the activity which the person in charge failed to address beforehand.

I don’t know what happened but I could not comment because the person who is supposed to prepare the things happens to have a higher position than me.

The place is beautiful and I just spend time taking photos of the place and sleeping in my room. Well, at least I was given a chance to take some rest and enjoy the view. I will be sharing these photos in my next posts.

On the final thought:

Just a simple question. I know some of us are employees too. Do you avoid office concerns during the weekend?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon Lopez

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  1. I think that it is important to leave a special place for work and personal life. Some extra work requires several minutes, and I do not see anything bad in it. But if a substantial time is needed, I always refuse to keep the balance.

    • I am waiting for the day that I could complete even the minimum requirement so that I could be eligible to receive a pension at age 60 or 65. If things don’t change, I will be forced to avail of the early retirement. I will just continue my social security insurance as a voluntary member. I only need three years to complete it.

  2. I had such a job I had to work for weekends and holidays … so I was at home other days of the week … and even those days I was doing certain things for the job … I had such a job … if I I went to work from Monday to Friday for a weekend for the job, and I would take the weekend for myself and my family if I had


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