Playing Him Like a Piano – part 23

Kat saw herself in Dami’s eyes.   A well built attractive young woman of mixed race with naturally straight hair.

Dami,  who was her complexion, who could almost pass for her brother and had on a few tricky occasions was truly her soul mate.   They were perfect for each other, and knew it.

They left the restaurant, Dami, driving Simone’s car.  He  dropped Kat   two blocks from her new home.

She walked down the road, came to the house, opened the door and was just inside as she heard Jerry pull up.  She raced into her room, pulled off her clothing, into a shower, although she’d prefer a bath.

It was a short shower, just enough to remove the smell of Dami from her skin.

She emerged from the room in casual dress as if happy to see her  landlord.

Jerry,   not looking at her, asked, “You like Chinese?”

“Oh  very much!”  she said smiling although he wasn’t looking at her.

“I got enough for both of us…”  he said shyly.

“Oh that is so kind of you!”  she exclaimed.

Ice man leaves in the morning, Hot boy comes home at night.  Of course,  she wasn’t very surprised.

This is how “Mas Pishon”  was.


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Written by jaylar