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Pagan gods and symbolism

The first two videos explains the pagan origins in the Christmas holiday, which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ the Messiah and God’s Son.

This first video explains the paganism of the Christmas holiday as well as interesting historical information about pagan gods. She also explains the association with the births of Nimrod and Tammuz to Christmas, December 25th, and the Christmas tree. She states that the Christmas tree and Obelisk have the same phallic shape. And, Ishtar is the wife of Satan. This is interesting historical information about December 25th.  But she also states that the birthdate for Jesus was around September and October, in which, I believe, is the wrong date. Many people are miscalculating Jesus’ birthday to be during the autumn months. But everything else on this video does make sense.

The second video is interesting and makes sense because I remember last year there was a lot of videos discussing that Christmas 2016 will be America’s last Christmas celebration. And, now, this video states that this Christmas, America will fall. It appears to be consistence, although sad and scary. I also agree that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the Zionists in France to the Zionists in America for their brotherhood in Zionism and the New World Order agenda. And, look at everything that has been happening throughout the year so far. She even mentions Nimrod sun god, whose birthday is December 25th, along with Tammuz, and it is them that the Zionists and Illuminati worship on December 25th. This video also compares the similarities between witchcraft and freemasonry. She also talks about to other sun gods that the Illuminati worship, which are all pagan Egyptian gods, such as Eye of Horus and the Illuminati pyramid.

But she is wrong about Jesus’ birthday being in September. Jesus’ birthday was actually March 20th, 6 BC because I actually researched it myself. Everything else she says makes sense. Check the third video that I added on here, which explains that March 20th was Jesus’ real birthday.

Jesus Christ real birthday video

The above link has a really good video that explains Jesus Christ’s actually birthday, which is nowhere near December 25th. I outlined below 7 highlights from the video, which explains how the man in the video calculated Jesus’ real birthday. It is no wonder that everything feels new for me during springtime, in which I want to do spring cleaning and a fresh new start. It is like a new year for me, more than the actual new year of January 1st. I think this man explains everything really well that everything makes sense. He is probably very religious, and he knows how to figure things out from the Bible and Hebrew information, which includes calculates details about the months and converting the Hebrew calendar months information into the regular calendar information to find the exact date.

  1. There is Luke evidence, which is during springtime because shepherds are watching their sheep giving birth to lambs during springtime, explaining that Jesus was born around March and April, and the Hebrew month for that time is Nisan.
  2. Jesus is the Messiah, and the Messiah is the Lamb of God.
  3. Jesus was born in Bethlehem during springtime, around the same time as Passover and on Palm Sunday, which is the 10th of Nisan.
  4. The Hebrew month of Nisan means The Beginning, which is similar to the first day of springtime in the American calendar.
  5. Nisan 1 is the beginning of the Hebrew year.
  6. Jesus was born in BC because Herod died in 4 BC.
  7. March 20, 6 BC is Jesus Christ’s real birthday, or Nisan 1 in Hebrew calendar.
  8. I have also noted on another video, similar evidence in Luke, Chapter 3, verses 21 to 23, where Jesus was said to be born around 30 years before this time, which is around late March or early April and that is what I originally thought from my earlier research, but I was just not sure which exact date. Jesus was baptized before Passover. There is also some evidence in John, Chapter 1, Verse 29. It was also noted that Jesus was born 5 days before Passover.


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