History of Religion: Lesson 101, It all started with Pagans…

Wednesday, 7.18.18

I agree with this video because I often blog about the same thing, although I am not that religious. I just believe in God. This person is obviously more religious because he goes in depth about different pagans in the past. I agree that all the holidays were based on paganism, but promoted with cute animals, fun cartoons, and colorful decorations to entertain the masses each season. Then, the Zionists came along add the capitalism and commercialism in order to make more money each season.

This video even notes that Lucifer is the sun-god and his birthday is December 25th. Pagans worship the moon, and the moon goddess goes by Goddess Diana, Ishtar, Isis, or Semiramis, depending on which pagan culture. This moon goddess is the female goddess of fertility, whore of Babylon, and she is worshipped on Easter.

Therefore, Jesus Christ’s real birthday is March 20th, during the beginning of springtime, which is a symbol of New Beginning, which makes sense because Jesus is the Messiah, created to save people and give them a new beginning on life.


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