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Grape Stomping Good Time

My cousin, Marie Hanaway always wanted to try grape stomping and as part of her fall party in their home in Conneaut Lake, she wanted to capture our exploits on camera. Marie Hanaway is a published nature photographer. She bought a bunch of local grapes for this event and a nice bucket then set out to capture each of us getting our grape on. Honestly, it is the weirdest feeling to stomp squishy grapes between your toes. I think once will suffice, but it was loads of fun. Have you ever stomped grapes?

P.S. We didn’t make wine from these hapless grapes, but we had a lot of fun and got some nice photographic memories.


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  1. Where I live, it’s common for people to make their own wine in the fall. In the Italian neighborhoods, the grape stands go up in the parking of every big store. People buy big barrels of grapes and the whole family gets together to make wine. Most use a machine to squeeze the juice out of the grapes but a few still do the grape stomping once in a while. It’s cool to preserve those old ways!

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