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Chincoteague Island Seafood Festival

Each year in early May, Chincoteague Island, Virginia hosts its annual seafood festival. This is the biggest, most extravagant seafood festival that I know of. The Eastern Shore includes portions of Virginia, Maryland, and Deleware on the east coast of the United States and is world-renowned for its Chesapeake Bay living and delectable seafood served the way only Eastern Shore folks know how. Wherever else in the world you eat seafood, if you don’t try it here, you’re missing out on this small part of the world’s unique tastes and welcoming hospitality.

To purchase your tickets for this year’s event, visit the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce. Don’t forget to bring your picnic blankets and/or lawn chairs!


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  1. Great article Windy! I hope you are able to find all you Pony Round-up shots! They are a one of a kind view into the side of Pony Penning that none but the Saltwater Cowboys have experienced!! I hope you will at least post a link here for others when you do, if you decide that awesome adventure needs to be saved for more lucrative media outlets that allow true limitless Virility.

    • Thank you, Jason! I have some Round-Up shots on this computer and the two storage towers, but the destruction of the WPT computer was a HUGE hit. I can’t even begin to estimate the worth of the photography and video that was on there, and that doesn’t even slightly touch my sentimental side… Losing Mr. Boswell still affects me EVERY day and there was a lot of memories of great times shared with him there. However, also because of him, I will not allow that to stop me. I still hold my spot on the islands 😉 So, new photographs and videos are easily obtainable and it’s already been very clearly and repeatedly iterated that they greatly miss me over there climbing trees and fences to get the best shots. I will most certainly be placing links over here when I post my very best articles on Hubpages 😉 I love Virily for the people, but a chick has to make enough money to buy new shoes, too 😉

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