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Превод от: испански 1074/5000 San Juan and the beaches on the beach

It is not a matter of fact that the celebration is a direct connection to the celebrations of the antigüedad ligadas of the solsticio de verano, influidas por ritos preristianos a simplemente vinculados a los ciclos de la naturaleza. Sin embargo, in Spain and Portugal, on the existence of a vinculación entre las celebraciones del solsticio de verano (en el hemisferio norte), which was published on 20-21 June and celebrated in San Juan ( it is the 24th junio), which, in the discontinuation of the celebration, lasted the tradition and the costum of the rupture with the pre-Christianity that was subject to the great period of Muslim domination in the Peninsula of Ibérica, which was imposible with the vinculacion con cultus paganos of a festividad vinculada of cristianismo. However, it has been observed that the communes have a lot to do with the fact that it is a place of pleasure and that the family is reunited and amigos.


We left after 24:00. It was very nice.

Fire, water, sand, and joyful people

Well built for safer fire

Jump over the fire – follows

We wait for the fire to become hot to put the grate

Happy people – young and old

What do you think?

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