Six Monsanto trials scheduled for January 2020

If you are an attorney and if you are looking for work, then look to gain employment with Monsanto.  Six lawsuits filed against the agricultural giant will go to trial beginning in January of 2020.  The litigation is due to the weed killer Roundup that is manufactured by Monsanto, which is currently owned by Bayer.

The herbicide contains the active ingredient called glyphosate, which is a chemical that has been scientifically categorized as a carcinogen.  If you believe that you are able to convince a jury that something that causes cancer somehow did not give the plaintiffs cancer, then seek employment with Monsanto so that they can remain delusional by fighting every case while you will be making out like a bandit.  

Also, being an attorney with Monsanto will give you some job security as well because there is at least one case per month going to a US court every month until October of 2021.  


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