Renovating NYC Townhouse into a Multifunctional Apartment and Home Business

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nowadays, it is important to be multifunctional, multitasking, and self-sufficient in order to survive in this world. Many people are doing everything themselves as well as starting their own business at home. With lots of creativity, a business plan, and a good blueprint, you can design your home business inside your home.

It is early morning in NYC. Many street vendors are setting up their booths on the sidewalks. The August NYC humidity has already started. My avatar is hanging out on the rooftop of her townhouse in her bathing suit and cap with her friend and his bicycle. Security is everywhere controlling traffic, and they apparently are doing a good job because the only car at this hour is a Jaguar.

My avatar gets tired of sunbathing on the rooftop in this humidity, and she goes down the fire escape staircase at the side of the building. She walks through the side alley to the front side of her townhouse, which is on the other street.

It is very busy on this street, where many stores are having sales and promotional events. A street vendor is selling fruits, while a maintenance man is keeping the Yo NYC street clean. Other people are enjoying the block party.

She enters the family-owned General Store, where her sister is working as the cashier and sales clerk. My avatar is the Spokesmodel. She brings in customers and increases sales. The General Store is on the first floor, while the second floor is their apartment. As you can see, there are three white doors, which lead to different areas of this multifunctional business.

She decides to enter the first door, which leads to the Cafe.

This Cafe is two-stories and fancy because it is all about romance and hanging out. What do you expect when two sisters own this business? I kept the colors in soft pretty colors of springtime romance. And, white marble staircase with white swan railing is wedding-inspired. It has two double glass doors that lead to different sides of the street, which allows more customers to enter the cafe from different streets. Many business people, students, and performers stop by for a quick breakfast, lunch or snack. It is also a great place for lovers as well as a first date.

The second white door in the General Store leads to the Spa and Lounge area, which I decorated in ocean blue shades. It has a calming effect to help customers and clients relax. The clients tend to be wealthy women and stressed out business people. They have to make an appointment for private use, in which the sisters charge per hour. My avatar is enjoying the Jacuzzi, while two women hang out together.

The third white door in the General Store leads to the alley backyard. It is closed off at areas to make it private for each townhouse and/or business. This alley is used as an outdoor cafe seating area, where people enjoy snacks and coffee drinks while working on their laptop and iPad as well as young people do their homework or studying. It is just a small nook hangout for different ages.


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