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Money Is Not Wealth

How’s that for a thought, friend?

So many people falsely believe large wads of pictures of dead presidents would answer so many of their problems. They err, in this approach.

Money is not wealth.

Money, is, at best, a point-keeping system that you’re doing the right thing.

It is but one component of any venture and, never mentioned in the mission statement.

Wealth is something, different. If money is the river then wealth is the valley.

Money might be what businesses run on but they are ran by relationships.

The wealth and value of a venture of any sort is held aloft by your relationships within the venture operation.

Money is not wealth. Wealth is the overall, bigger-picture viewscape of all of your relationships with others.

Relationships are wherein your wealth lies. And, it is in the heart of another, which no thief can ever steal.

Money is not wealth.

Wealth would be to work with Maria again. She made me feel like a million bucks.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington


  1. $ is a thing that people let control their lives, & if you don’t control the $
    like it needs to be then you LOSE control over everything that needs it
    your bills, your food, your life even & your relationship which ISN’T GOOD.