Is Any Relationship Better Than Being Alone?

The experts are saying that being in just any old miserable relationship is not going to make you happier. In fact, their study showed that people who were alone, not lonely, were far happier than people in turbulent “high-conflict” relationships. 

What’s more, the number of relationships mattered more to people in their 20s than it did to people in their 30s. Apparently, when people had a large number of friends it didn’t necessarily mean they were happier than a person with just a few truly close friends.

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    • I agree Carol, being happy is a much-used word. … Research has shown that long-term happiness, feeling content with life, stems from feeling, and being in charge of as much of our life as possible. It’s not about smiling all the time nor does it stem from money or health, but a self-belief you are on the road you want to be on, well, at least, that’s my take on it anyhow. Thanks for commenting. 😉

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