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Money and bitcoin talk

It is not easy to earn good amount of money in online business nowadays as there are many users that set up their sites and blogs which leads to heavy competition in internet!

Therefore, earning US dollars is a bit difficult now! But there is a good news! Bitcoin price is now keep rising and have been five times its value now compared with the last summer! That is, in the last summer, bitcoin only valued at around $500 US dollars. But now, it is around $2800 dollars recently! I don’t know why but it is the fact! So I will pay more attention in trying to earn bitcoin and altcoin (because altcoin also keep rising it’s price!).

To earn bitcoin, you can mine it using your computer power and a specific program. But I don’t recommend it because it used up a lot of electricity and your computer assets. It is a wasting of energy! I will suggest earn bitcoin from play bitcoin RPG game (popular now) and Facuets or some bitcoin freelance sites! Getting Referrals there (may be you can use your own blogs, social media, forums or this site virily to build up your audience and friends so that you can get many Referrals!).

After that, you can trade bitcoin with others to get real cash or trade in reliable currency exchanger!

Hope anyone can succeed in online business earning!


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