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How to host a Webinar on a Website!

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The web-based seminar is hosted by an expert or group of experts who can spread the knowledge to the interested audience attending online. The topic is related to the business and industry and becomes a very fruitful situation for the audience.Why webinar? Because when an expert is hosting a webinar, the people have an opportunity to learn new stuff, and the information reaches a much wider audience. This gives the audience direct way to gain knowledge directly from the industry’s top experts. This gives the audience an opportunity to be in touch and understand your business, be in contact with other prospective customers or know other similar interests people. If people have queries about business, the webinar is great ways to let these questions get answered. So it is a good idea to host a webinar for your audience. To increase the feasibility, the best way is to set up the webinar on your website.

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Setting up the Webinar on YouTubeFirst, you need to create an event. YouTube makes it possible to schedule live webcasts which are visible as a video on YouTube. This makes it good for two reasons:

1) Live broadcast can be embedded directly on the website

2) If some issues occur on the website, you can always fall back to YouTube’s live Broadcast.

Then, details need to be filled and event needs to be scheduled. Then the embed link you get from the video needs to be added to the website.Then you need to create a custom thumbnail as branding of the event for the YouTube followed by the creation of the live event. The new event is created from the channel and the option is available under “lives streaming.”

The Role of Encoding Software

Sharing the right content makes you connect to the audience with the real relationship. This relationship makes the audience more interested towards what knowledge you are offering a webinar and increases the reach of the brand. It is one proposition which is equally beneficial to both parties, the host of the webinar and the audience.To broadcast to YouTube Live from your desktop, you’ll need specific software.


Website hosted webinar is one of the most influential ways to be in touch with your audience. Important information can be shared with the audience. It paves an easy way for the brand, business or individual to connect with an audience.


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