How to plan using Yelp’s collection feature

While Yelp is a website known where you can review businesses about your experiences whether good or bad, it can also be a website where you can plan out your future trips and vacations. At the moment, I am currently planning a Detroit Michigan trip this year to run the Detroit Marathon. I credit Yelp for having features that allow me to search out and put together a collection of businesses that are worth getting my business based off of reviews given. With my own personal Yelp page, I will share with you steps how to create collections for your trip (2-6), and how to add to businesses to your collection (7-11). With this process, it will make planning a lot easier wherever you wish to travel.

2. Click collections

3. Collections

4. Click create

5. Give your collection a name

6. Giving your collection a name

7-11. Adding to your collection

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