Guideline: Time Management Skills and Training

Some hosts are confused about how to manage time in conducting series of training to old or new employees in certain companies. It wasn’t easy but there are some basic ways on how to deliver certain training. The preparation of the things needed should be carried out before hosting the skills training.

First, determine the target or list of participants. Second, send invitation trough emails or notice letter in every department of the company. Third, acquiring the needed materials such as photocopied of modules, equipment, soft copies of the Powerpoint presentation, etc. Lastly, set up the venue of the activity.

Once accomplished the physical requirements mentioned earlier, then it is time to follow the simple steps in conducting the skills training are as follows:

State the main topic

It is important to know the main topic of the training session. Some people might think it is so simple to state the main agenda. But then, it can be forgotten. As it was said, the host should always know the flow of the training.

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State the main objectives

The main topic will be followed to assure the expectations of the participants. This will guide the host on how to lead the skills training. If not, it would be a chaotic situation. The participants can determine if the host is not ready or prepared for the said training session.

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Introduce the outline

The outline should be presented prior to giving the full details of it. The participants can able to anticipate which subtopics will be tackled. It is the core of the presentation and participants will have the idea of the training session.

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Provide the information

In this part, the full detailed information will be able to deliver. It can be presented through power presentation, photos, actual usage of products and the like. It depends on the host’s style. The most important thing is to give the essential information needed by the participants.

Entertain the issues or concerns

At the end of the training, the host will raise the open dialogue to gather the issues or concerns that needed to be addressed by the host. It is the time for the participants can share what is running into their mind. The issues or concerns will be documented for the possible review on the next training session.

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Written by Steven Gamboa