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Earning From Referrals

Earning without much effort is something most of us are eager to experience. That is why when I found a good site, it is an added pleasure if they are offering referral commission. I wouldn’t share the opportunity until I am assured that the site is worth sharing. Meaning, the site is paying and established.


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When I checked my referral earnings from one of my 3rd party blogging sites, I was delighted to discover that I already earned around $200.00 from my referrals alone. It’s good to get some amount of passive income from the activities of individuals who came to the site under my referral links. Apart from the income from my own activities, it is good to know that I can also earn commission from referrals.

Ever since I became active with this site, I continuously share the benefits I get from being active. I do write blog posts, microblog, upload videos and the best way to earn is by writing blog posts and submitting those for review.

Many people were encouraged to join but only a few are decided to learn and are currently making some amount form the site. In fact, out of more than 300 referrals that I have, one two are actively writing articles and posts. Others are contented to visit the site and earn a few pennies and the majority stopped visiting the site after a few days of being active.

Nonetheless, I still continue to share the benefits because personally, I love the atmosphere within the site. For me, that is the reason why I am staying. Apart from the earnings, I learn new things every day which I can apply to my daily living.


Image Credits: 472301 via Pixabay

I make use of social media and other forums in order to spread out the benefits of joining the site. I created a Facebook Page where I share my blog posts and payment proofs. I also make use of my own blog.


Earning from our own work and efforts is such a great thing. However, couldn’t be better if we earn without the actual work?

Do you also earn from referrals?  What’s your strategy?


What do you think?

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    • Yes, there are some who don’t like this policy. Anyway, it’s our own choice. We can even use the site anonymously. I’ve been a member for more than 4 years though I was active for more than a year. So far, everything is okay.

    • That’s good to know. Congratulations on your success. I was also planning to start spreading the benefits of joining Virily but I think they are no longer accepting new members. I hope they still open the door for new members in the future.

      • O wow. Well it feels good to be in, and reap all the benefits of being a writer with Virily. I hope they do as well because they could go much further with having more. I have always tried to recruit more fashion bloggers, and fitness bloggers to the Virily Team.

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