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Do You Like To Earn Passive Income?

At present, the most thought-about catchphrase about money-making ideas is nothing but ‘passive income’. It is mostly because of the appeal of quick cash it has. So there is nothing wrong in knowing the truth vs. myth of passive income. As everybody knows, passive income is the earnings received regularly with only some small effort to maintain it. The society at large describes the idea as earning money without doing anything.

The definition of passive income is more or less like this. Any amount earned by way of first investment without extra inputs like efforts or time. So, let us know about the truth versus myth part of passive income. The characteristic of this subject of passive income is that you need not do anything to make money in this way and people are trying to generate profitable passive income streams.

If you also try, you may be surprised by the amount of time, money or work required to establish your own passive income stream. Therefore if you are determined to earn some passive income, ensure that you have understood all the details behind your passive income plans. One most popular method of creating passive income is affiliate marketing. It appears to be a simple method to make money for many people.

Here’s just how the affiliate marketing works:

Bloggers and online marketers promote a product with a link to the product on their own blogs or websites. When somebody clicks on the affiliate link and buys that product, the website or blog owner makes some commission from that sale. Affiliate Marketing is considered as passive since the revenue is created just by adding the affiliate link to your blog or website. Actually, you have to follow a plan to catch the attention of visitors to your blog or website.


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  1. Out of all the sites I write on I only earn a decent passive income ($40+ a month) on one – Hubpages. It took me four or five years to create a decent portfolio on there and now my articles receive about 500 views a day. It took a lot of work to create the articles – but now maintenance is very low.

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