2020 London B2B Marketing Expo

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The 2020 London B2B Marketing Expo will be held at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in the United Kingdom on March 25th and March 26th, 2020.  This expo will be critical for business operating within the UK and for corporations that do business with British companies because this expo will be about two months after Brexit finally happens.  

When the UK leaves the European Union, the entire business dynamic will change how the British people will be receptive towards marketing.  Instead of having to be more open to European concepts as a whole, the British will become more geared towards the needs of the UK.


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    • This deal will really help the USA the most because the USA could make better trade deals directly with the UK instead of going through the EU. The EU will go further into debt. When the UK withdraws, the EU will have to allow more countries to become members in order to offset the loss of the UK. This does help the common people of England because they would no longer have to pay the value taxes from the EU.


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