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The function of pressure points in our body

Do you know what is the biggest reason for increasing weight? Yes, eating excessive or out of routine foods increases human weight rapidly. But there are some pressure points in the body, which can suppress the excessive eating habits surprisingly and the good thing is that this job can be done at home and For this you do not need to go anywhere and spend money.

The center part of the brain is responsible for eating, digestion and hunger and work well by pressing these three special pressure points in the body.

Behind the neck

Massage lighter with hands on your neck. This pressure point behind the neck from where hair meet the neck. Massaging this point lightly with hand allows you to get rid of excessive eating habits and can also get rid of headache and stress.

Hands back part.

Hold the part between thumb and finger for almost 30 seconds. Pressing this section will keep your hunger under control and will also help for physical pain and stress. Pressing this pressure point also maintains blood sugar levels.

Upper part of the nose.

The part of the nose that starts from the bottom eyebrow be quite effective by pressing it and this is the part where the number of nerves is so high and by pressing this section, nervous system works in a right direction The habit of feeling more hungry is considerably reduced.

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