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Secrets of Fresh And Cheerful Face

As a woman, appearance should be taken care of. While working all day as busy as a man, but we would be uncomfortable when there is a pimple or face look dull and dull it makes our appearance no longer cheerful. Ouch, how is it?

For those of you who daily face a heap of work and high levels of stress, taking care of the face is a special time because it is difficult to get the right time. But do not worry because you can use the time at night after work, to treat the face so as not to look dull and dull.

Try to practice some simple ways below to maintain the beauty and freshness of facial skin:

Cut fresh tomatoes, then rub them in the face. Fresh effects will be instantly felt. If no, can be replaced with cucumber or yam.

Make a mask of honey mixed with milk powder. Paste in the face for 30min while lying down for maximum results.

Serves as a toner, lemon also helps remove all the stains on your face, and help shrink the pores on the face. Moreover, this whiz also prevents the growth of stubborn acne that is often difficult to be expelled from your facial skin.

Be pretty as always, fresh faces daily.


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Written by Nabeel Shoro


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