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Schüssler’s salt 1.

With my therapist, we talked a lot about natural resources to tackle various health problems. My belief is that first I try to eliminate the problems with natural medicines if they do not help to visit my doctor.

So I learned about Schüssler’s salt. Schüssler was a German physician who discovered 12 ‘life-forms’ and based the therapy on them. Healthy cells contain mineral substances that make our body work smoothly. If there are no such substances, an imbalance occurs, which first appears in minor problems, and in the long run also causes various diseases and diseases.

By using mineral substances this problem can be eliminated. Therefore, more and more people swear on the healing effect of mineral substances.

In the next post I will describe these 12 types of salt.


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    • I heard about this salt for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I am currently testing salt no. 7 which contains magnesium (my problems are leg cramps and depression or stress). After 2 weeks I have no more cramps, and my mood has improved. I’m sure to try another salt 🙂

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