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Lean On Me ~ Therapeutic Music

Have a song that makes oyu happy or relaxed to hear? I have many many songs like that. 

Thought of this one today for  many reasons. It is called Lean on Me.

Please listen if you have a minute, a great message here.

LEAN ON ME ~ Bill Withers

  • Sharing music is therapy, I hope you can enjoy!

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What do you think?

Written by Carol DM


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  1. That is a wonderful song with a great message and it is good when people can help each other and lean on one another. That would have made things so much easier for me if at the moment I found out my soul mate had passed away I had someone with me but I was all alone and that made it so much harder. Try yelling at yourself Pull yourself together! SIGH

  2. Music can have many differing effects on us.

    I do not listen to it myself, for enjoyment , or for relaxation, nor for it to make me happy.

    I listen when I am feeling depressed, and I want to feel more sad. I want to feel a true sadness, not one coloured by depression.

    When I feel other’s sadness, it tends to lift me from my own depression, a bit, though.

    I “enjoy” the music of sadness.

    Happy music, I seem to think, has a certain falseness to it to me.

    We are all unique in our likes/dislikes of music, I guess.


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