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Prevention and Diagnosis of Gout, One of the Most Painful Forms of Arthritis

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Let’s talk about the prevention and diagnosis of gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis.

Prevention of gout

People can help prevent or reduce the severity of future gout attacks.

If their doctors have prescribed medications to reduce hyperuricemia, it is very important that they take them as suggested.

Maintaining adequate fluid intake (drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages) is recommended for gout prevention. They have to reduce or stop their alcohol intake and to adjust their diet. Drinking at least 10-12 eight-ounce glasses of water or non-alcoholic beverages every day is recommended to people trying to prevent future gout attacks.

They have to eat a balanced diet following the dietary guidelines. Maintaining their ideal body weight is an important goal for people who have gout. If they are overweight, they have to take steps to lose weight. They have to choose portions that allow them to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight may decrease uric acid levels in their body.

Diagnosis of gout

The characteristic crystals associated with gout and pseudogout can be identified by microscopic examination of joint fluid.

Monosodium urate crystals are associated with gout.

Calcium pyrophosphate crystals are associated with pseudogout.

Since gout and pseudogout are caused by the deposition of two different crystals, it is possible to have gout and pseudogout at the same time.

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