Nails On Wood ~ 365 Photos Challenge #61

I’m continuing 365 Photos Challenge for the 61st day. For those of you who are interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines.

This is a picture of a wooden pole from the terrace of a warehouse near my house. On the pole, it stuck a lot of nails, straight or twisted, and also many holes due to nails that have been pulled out.

Have we ever been hurt by someone’s words or deeds? Or hurt by a fight? Because an argument, for whatever reason, in the right or wrong position, will hurt all parties. On the other hand, have we consciously or unconsciously injured others in the same way?

Maybe we or they have forgiven, have forgotten the incident, but the scar must still be left inside.

That’s one of the philosophies I meant in my previous post about the nail holes on the board. Every nail we put on a board must produce a hole and it will open if we pull out the nail.

Any words or deeds that hurt our hearts surely will give an open scar, as well as in the hearts of others. Then, how many holes are in our hearts? Or in the hearts of others? Then, what do we have to do?


What do you think?

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