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Health Journey – Month 1 Update – January 2018

I’ve been updating weekly on how my health journey has been going.  I didn’t post an update Friday for the 4th week on my journey, but I will post an update on how my first month went.

I think I may also start updating once every 2 weeks, and then do a monthly update.  What do you all think of that idea?

My weight is around the same….haven’t lost anything new, but haven’t really put on weight (but down 9.6 since January 1st). I think I am stalling because of the “cheat” days.  I need to cut back on those and start working out.

I also know I need to add some greens into my diet. Being a picky eater that is a difficult thing to do. I know I can get a good amount of spinach/kale down in a smoothie…so I may add those back into my diet.

I also need to start working out regularly.  I wanted to focus on just cutting carbs the first month since I know that is a stress to the body, as is working out. That will be a goal for this month.

Month blood sugar average: 117 (which would be 5.7% according to the a1c chart)

My last post:

Week 4: Health journey

I’ll talk to you all in my next health update!  How are you all doing?

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  1. Personally, I do a lot better and lose more weight by increasing my water intake and working out as opposed to cutting carbs. Cutting carbs makes me weak/lag and I can’t afford to do that if my ultimate goal is to keep moving and tone up. However you choose to do it, good luck and I’ll look forward to hearing your next update 🙂 Ultimately, take good care of yourself! <3

    • Well low carb is not for everybody, I totally understand that….I’m the opposite…carbs make me weak/tired….I have a lot more energy when I cut the carbs. Water and exercise is great as well!
      Thank you for sharing, and for the support!