Fast food causes asthama and risk of allergies

Experts have said that although eating fast food does not have toxic and allergy, but this increases the risk of these diseases. Unusual use of fast food can be caused by aerobic, allergies, pollen fever, asthma, and an eye-infection called rinocongiuntivits.

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In this context, experts have now reviewed and discussed 16 different studies that there is a link between the use of fast food and the asthama. Experts from West China Hospital  Dr. Gang Wing have researched on this and said, fast food is sub standard and level of food. And said that it does not contain nutrition and thus it cause many reasons for allergies and diseases.

Fast food and Asthma in Children :

Although the survey has been done in 2018, but experts have been working on this case for years on the connection of fast food with different type allergies. Earlier in 2013 an international survey was conducted on children asthama and allergies. In this survey, 180 thousand children of 51 countries were checked for a long time in 50 centers.

From this research, it came to pass that in excess of the maximum range (four to five times a week), children who eat fast food may have more asthama, allergies and other conditions. In addition to this, children may suffer from obesity.


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