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The Appeal of Homecooked Meals

With the proliferation of fast food restaurants, there has been a decline in the number of people who eat or prepare homecooked meals. It isn’t so much the difficulty involved as much as it is the time required. This is so true that an entire generation has grown up without being taught how to make a homecooked meal and many people have never even tasted one.

For clarity, when we are talking about a homecooked meal, we aren’t referring to just something that is prepared at home. If it came mostly out of a can or a package, it isn’t a homecooked meal, it is a commercial meal prepared at home. A homecooked meal is one that is mostly or entirely made from scratch, within reason.

Homecooked meals were the sort that were most commonly eaten prior to WWII. Before that time, few people dined in restaurants of any sort very often, partly because they couldn’t afford to. Packaged, canned, and pre-made meals were uncommon, too, because most of the modern methods of making such a meal, from a commercial aspect, didn’t exist.

Today’s society is largely founded on the idea of instant gratification. If it only takes a half-hour to drive to a fast-food place, another 15 minutes to get a cheap burger and fries, and a half-hour to drive home, people somehow think that the lack of effort makes it all worth it. Never mind the fact that the food isn’t nearly as healthy and actually takes longer than many meals would take if they were cooked at home, so it really isn’t ‘fast’ food. 

The sad fact is that if people are never taught how to make a homecooked meal, they are unlikely to take it upon themselves to learn how to do it. Worse still, many people who’ve never had a homecooked meal, made from scratch, might not have any desire to try it because they don’t know what they are missing. The same people will often claim that they aren’t good cooks when it is honestly a case of them having never learned to be a good cook.

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    How often do you eat a homecooked meal, prepared mostly or completely from scratch?

    • Almost always
    • Over half the time
    • Once in a while
    • Rarely
    • I’ve never had a homecooked meal
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    How often do you prepare or make a homecooked meal, made from scratch?

    • Nearly every day
    • More often than not
    • Once in a while
    • Rarely
    • Never/I don’t know how
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    Do you want to learn how to make homecooked meals or how to make better homecooked meals?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe


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Written by Rex Trulove

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      • We are loving the air fryer (Ninja foodi) Our favorite regional food is Crab Cakes. Deep fried they are delightful. But that is also many more health problems eating the fried version. The air fried version is just as good!

        • Our daughter bought an air fryer and we used it a few times when she was here, but when she moved, she took it with her. We honestly don’t have room to justify getting another right now. It was neat to have, when we had it, though. We also have a breadmaker that we’ve never used. I’m not sure why we still have it.

  1. In the Balkans, people are still cooking every day. There is, of course, fast food here too. Also, you can buy cooked food. Few people use this kind of food. Basically, those who are alone, are not married, have no children .. Domestic food is being prepared daily in our homes.

    • That is a good thing. Here in the US, the availability of the food for home cooking isn’t an issue. In places like Guatemala, though not all that far away, many canned foods aren’t available. Canned soups are rare, for instance. However, beans are common, canned or otherwise. It’s a cultural thing…they eat a lot of beans. The consequence is that people in Guatemala also tend to make homecooked meals.

  2. I am living alone. My friend and her family live in the apartment below me. They provide me with food they get from a church pantry that provides for economically strapped families and they get lots of meat also. When that happens I fill up my freezer and then about once or twice a week I cook up a really big meal to share between them and me because they discovered they enjoy my cooking. When I am not cooking for the crowd I have no desire to cook for myself except for eggs. So I have chicken nuggets, some canned or frozen meal just to fill my tummy until when I cook up another for all of us.

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