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Baking Soda is Useful for Cancer Treatment

Baking soda may be very useful to improve the cure of a relatively new method of treating ammoniotherapy. This can help to overcome many types of cancerous cancer.

Cancer experts know that there is a major part of the virus cells where there is no oxygen and treatment of these places and is very difficult. When the oxygen is not found in the appropriate oxygen Cell, it goes into a specific condition called a quit state. On this occasion, a mechanical switch called MTROC, evaluating the situation of the cell, explains whether the cells have to be distributed or not. If the MTORC1 is not present, the cell’s internal work stops and its mechanical activity ends within the circuler.

In pursuing this research, the University Institute of Pennsylvania located in University of Pennsylvania has used baking soda in detail, which has been published in the scientific journal cell. It said that baking soda can play an important role in self-defense or auto-immune diseases, including cancer.

Dr. Kai Wing Deng and his colleagues said that if the cells are in the state of residence, in this case cancer medicine do not work, and it is necessary to get out of that situation. They planted the baking soda in water in the laboratory, after which the cancerous sodium was returned and the MTORC1 activity started. After that, when cancer amino therapy was started, it was very successful because the acidity of the circular glands increased.

Now the team of experts has said that if a new method of treating cancer is applied with baking soda, it will smoothen new ways of treatment.It is clear that many of the world’s doctors have previously declared baking soda in the treatment of cancer, but they could not get special backgrounds.


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  1. I believe that baking soda is beneficial in a wide number of ways, but as it is a commonly used and inexpensive substance it may be hard for professionals to get clearance to use it. No profit margin.


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