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Here is the latest piece I’m working on, some assembly required. But if you put all the images together in your head then you should get an idea of where this piece wants to go…

#1 work in progress

It has a nice Shirow tribute vibe going on. Very GITS...

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#2 material test

This is the tank she's going to gestate in. A womb with a view. Who am I trying to kid? Androids don't gestate!

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      • I was initially responding to your comment on the photo.”Who am I trying to kid? Androids don’t gestate!”. And I said “…”Androids don’t gestate”. I will have to take your word for that one.” All in good humor.

        • I was just showing my math, so to speak. Even if they’re using nanotech, I don’t think gestation is a term for inorganics. But that’s just me…

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#3 lineart

Did somebody here order magenta lineart?

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#4 slime test

thinking of adding some goo to the tank

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What do you think?

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