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Using Cut and Paste to improve Photos

The one good thing about taking pictures with a very good digital SLR is that you can often cut and paste the photo to focus on different parts of the original. The picture below was taken at Longwood Gardens – I was very happy with the overall composition (although it probably could be centered more) – I loved the colors and the fact that I was able to take the picture not long after the flower had been watered and therefore was able to capture raindrops.

As I looked at the picture on Photoshop I zoomed on the water drops. As I viewed the picture I realized that if I was to crop the photo, I’d have a really nice picture. I was able to make the droplets a feature and with a little manipulation was able to get the colors to be more subtle.

Using the method I am often able to get 2 or more decent images as well as the original.


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  1. Awesome, I don’t use to many editing tools anymore. I found the Default was actually decreasing the quality of my work. When I render a fractal I can set the DPI. Dots/Pixels per inch. Normal for me is around 600 DPI. After I save my image at the quality, and then take it into Photoshop to make and adjustment, then save it. Photoshop saves it at 96 DPI.

    Check your setting when your experimenting with Editing programs.

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