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Third Grade Gets Real, Wonder & Writing

Hello Virilians, I know I do more book reviews than I do anything else but though there will be a highly recommended book in this one, it’s not a review per say but more an update.

Little Miss is doing well, catching up on her reading goals and doing her homework, speaking of homework third grade homework gets real Lol!

You all know how much my nieces mean to me, so I hope you all don’t mind me bragging a bit but today although she was reluctant to start, once she did Little Miss rocked her homework and as for reading her and I are currently reading Wonder together, afterwards we will watch the movie but not until we finish the book.  She really wants to see the movie too so that’s what motivates her.

In her summary of her favorite Character in the book today, she wrote “I like August because he’s different.”  So simple yet so profound!  Embrace those differences Little Miss the world would be a dull place if we were all Carbon copies.

Little Miss is going to be in another play on the fifteenth I am sure I’ll be writing more about that later!
I’m still writing of course in fact I am working on a YA Novel at the moment I am excited about!

I’ll write more about that too, but it’s still in the rough stages!  I will say it’s about overcoming differences, I.e disabilities and learning what it’s like to push past the boxes some tend to put you in!

Bella Rose is doing well and Sophia is as well.  We still have no sign of Willow though, so I fear that one of the wild dogs, finally caught got to her, but I still have hope someone loving has her.

Sophia tries to be helpful when I’m writing lol!

Well I have gone on long enough Lol!  I will update again soon!

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  1. Thank you for the update. It was much appreciated. Glad everything is going good and I wish you much success as well. Little miss sure is getting big, love all the artwork and photos too. So sorry that you’ve had no sight of Willow. I did find a cat that went missing at a neighbors house in the window, they had had him for 2 months! You never know.. doesn’t mean coyotes had anything to do with it. Give loves to everyone for me!

    • Thank you and I sure will we’ve looked around and asked around unfortunately. Little Miss has she keeps growing on us Lol, she’s doing well though, actually had her overnight Saturday night, I think at times she’d move in if her Mom would let her Lol! I will tell everyone you said hello, hope you are well?

      • I am sorry nothing has worked.. I lost more than a few before I made the cat fence.
        Good to see you had her over night. I bet you two had a blast! I can’t believe that homework was 3rd grade, such a smart girl.
        I am doing well, just opened the dog grooming shop and this is my only day off, until things start swinging full force. The first week has been awesome.

  2. You are very proud and you should brag. I wish I could be so lucky to have a little one in my life to brag about. Keep bragging and I will keep reading. 🙂