Preparations for birthday party

Well, it’s been awhile since I was last here on Virily. I have been really busy for the last few months and I must say that I have missed being around here. I will not tell you stories about all the events that took place in my life recently. I will actually talk in this comeback post about my little daughter and her upcoming birthday.

Namely, on April 29th we will be celebrating her third birthday. Oh my God, how time flies! It feels like she was born few days ago and now she is already a big girl. I have made reservations for her birthday cake which will be in Frozen style, since she loves that animated movie. It has to be all about Frozen, Elsa and all other characters involved in that movie. She is such a big fan!

Me and my hubby hacve decided that we will invite some of our friends to that birthday party. Barbeque will also be part of the program we are having in our minds.

My little big girl is such a wonderful child. So sweet and kind, while her younger brother is so much different from her. They are totally opposite types. He is energetic and has to touch literally everything. He is also stubborn. While she on the other hand is gentle and not stubborn at all. Thank God they are both healthy and well.

We are planning to buy her kitchen as a gift. I think she will like it. How about you guys, how did you plan birthday parties for your kids or other family members?

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