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The Fractal Salamander

The Fractal Salamander is a 3d fractal flame, which is relatively new in the fractal flame type of fractals.

This type of fractal was introduced late last year, but has only started gaining a user base. You must have an extra dimension to include in the flames.

Fractal flames are different from normal 3D fractals which are normally created using an editor like Mandelbulb3D or Mandelbulber3D which start with three dimensional mathematics and use a different formula to create fractals.

Flames are normally 2D or two dimensional, in that there is usually not a Z plane, just X and Y planes.

The Salamander uses the Z plane to give this flame it’s 3D look. You could say the thickness of it.

I used a white background for this as it shows the entire fractal in a much more dramatic way.

It is based on the Julia fractal calculations and could be called a Julia, but the Salamander is what the creator of this editor called it. It is one of about five or six similar types of 3D flames in the JWildfire editor.

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Written by Craig Bak

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    • Thanks mate, actually this is definitely a candidate for solid render, but this has just been rendered without the solid renderer or ColorMap.
      I just used the fractal_salamander transform all by itself and used the z_fill parameters to the max!
      Then just rendered it with transparent background by mistake!! Pretty cool, like you say – happy accident!
      I will have to give it a solid render treatment.

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