Tapestry is my Therapy!


Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? Hope all is fine! ?

Unfortunately, I suffer from anxiety on a mild level, and it is not considered a panic disorder yet as I try to solve this problem with all the forces I have and I do try to socialize with the few friends I have got. This is a good point and I am happy that I still can go out and do the normal things that must be done.

Usually, I am a total staying-indoors person, and I do prefer very much writing my articles, poetry and short stories, reading a good book, researching something interesting on the internet and handcrafting. When I feel too much worried about something, I just need some time creating something with my hands and all I do is create rugs and other pieces of crochet.

I really do love to work as an artisan to relax a little from all the stress the world causes me and creating something concrete is the best option for me to maintain my focus and think about nothing except the work itself. Working with lines, especially wool and fibers for tapestry, is what I like the most. The picture you see is a work I just finished. It is a small rug but can be hanged on the wall as it is a light piece.

What is your therapy? What do you do to calm yourself down? How do you empty your mind to think clearly about something?

Have a great day dear friends! ?

What do you think?

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    • Thank you, Rozana! Everything is just fine these days. I just stayed indoors and producing my rugs and all stuff with lines and wool. Tonight I have a trip to São Paulo, but all good. I am used to it once a month so no worries at all. I just close my eyes, breathe deeply and face it!

      Thank you for the visit and I will be posting more about my work. I love seeing the results! ?

    • That is so good Trenna Sue! Yesterday I had an idea of writing about “Essence”, that was the topic and the story was forming and everything was coming to my mind, but I didn’t have the material to write at that very moment. And I know when that happens, all the idea is there, but the lines I thought just fade away. I think I will have to record with my cell phone or buy a device not to lose anything.

      Thank you so much for your visit! =)

  1. Hello Manoel. Glad to know that you managed to solve your problem well. Creativity in works of art is very good as a medium of contemplation because it is able to attract most of our attention to it so as to provide serenity. I myself have no such problems but also like art activities such as painting, making bonsai, suiseki, writing poetry and gardening in addition to meditation.

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