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Maggie – Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Maggie was a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi – and one of the loves of my life. Her distinctive coloring opened many doors for both of us that we hadn’t even thought of when she first entered my life. I knew that I wanted a Cardigan – the Corgi with a tail. They are beautiful dogs and still on the rare side. I finally found her in a litter in Columbus, Ohio, about 2 hours from my home in Cincinnati.

Maggie became a Therapy Dog extraordinaire. When she put on her vest she knew that she was going to work. We ended up working at our local University Hospital, a very busy teaching facility with a state of the art trauma center. We worked the Neurosurgical ICU and did gunshot wounds and stabbings. Maggie would just get into bed with a patient and let that person love on her.  She was very empathetic and knew just what to do.


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Written by Cathy Donohoue


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