Questioning Psycho-Therapy – Part III

Recently, there has been a focus on what is called  ‘sudden’ adult memories of childhood trauma.

To clarify, a person lives all their life and never remembered that something happened to them in their childhood until they are ‘suddenly’ brought to ‘remember’ something that happened ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

That there was no flag at the time, nothing to grab on to, but the therapist determines that ‘this’ happened and fills in the blanks so that the patient now has a ‘memory’ of an event that never happened.

There is a difference between someone being afraid or reluctant to go to the beach and they don’t know why, and attending therapy are brought to recall a memory which explains why the person is afraid to go to the beach, and a person who never had such a fear being given one, based on nothing.

It may sound impossible for the average person to comprehend how this could happen.

The facts are that the therapist creates a memory of something that never happened in the mind of the patient and the patient so believes in the determination of the therapist and acts on it.

What do you think?

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