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Supervisor – WIP

Upgraded the pose from the previous version of this piece. I was going to go with a more sassy hipshot but I am now glad that she decided to be more professional about it, because we are meant to take her seriously

#1 crisp

a little sharper and lighter, which works for her but not so much for the background

9 points

#2 raw render

and there is no reason why I couldn't have just stopped here, except you should know better

8 points

#3 dark

this treatment actually works all around, but is perhaps a little too much when all is said and done

7 points

#4 work in progress

As usual, I split the difference between the two extremes and wound up with something that gets the job done. Which really works for this piece, since Rosie is all about getting the job done

6 points

What do you think?

16 points


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